flash drive 2
plan & plot printing
riso printing
  • Removable Storage Devices – Print from CDs, DVDs, flash drives & portable hard drives, SD cards, phones, etc. Black & white and colour by LaserJet & Inkjet to a maximum of 36″. Pre set sizes 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″ & 11″ x 17″, etc.
  • Plan & Plot Printing/Enlarging – Construction Plans, Maps, Sketches in black and white and color up to 36″ wide and to any length.

Plan Prints per Inc – $21 (VAT Inclusive)

  • Copy/Riso Printing – Reproduction of documents up to 11″ x 17″: Payment vouchers,  & flyers – perfect for Churches, Schools and Small Businesses at reduced amounts.

Single Sided starting from –   $ 7 (VAT Inclusive)
Double Sided starting from -$ 11 (VAT Inclusive)

plastic card
colour copy
Association boards should monitor the miscellaneous fees charged by their management companies to confirm they are reasonable. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)
  • Plastic Card Printing – PVC ID Card, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, Promotional Cards, Business Cards, Hotel Keys, Memorial cards, Gift Cards, Calendars, etc
  • Colour Copying – Annual reports, SBAs, certificates, passports and photographs in vivid colour at affordable prices.

Single Sided starting from –   $148 (VAT Inclusive)
Double Sided starting from  -$296 (VAT Inclusive)

  • Photocopying – Almost any document. Reduce/enlarge, perforate and offer workable solutions for all your copying needs in black and white at speed of 105-Copies per minute. Customer’s waiting time is kept at minimum.

Single Sided starting from   – $14 (VAT Inclusive)
Double Sided starting from –  $24 (VAT Inclusive)