spiral binding
wire binding
Minolta DSC

Spiral Binding – Secures loose pages with plastic “combs” or spirals. Used for reports and other similar presentations. Document will lay flat when opened; pages can be easily extracted or added. Ideal for temporary documents, etc.

Average Cost – $305 (VAT Inclusive) ½” spirals

Wire Binding – Secures loose pages using wire combs, used for note books, calendars, reports etc, and allows the publication to lay flat when open. Limited flexibility in terms of making changes e.g. changing of page/cover. Binds up to 14″ inches in length and creates professional, sturdy documents.

Average Cost – $165 (VAT Inclusive)

Cover Binding – Using heat/paste technology binds documents up to ½” inch in thickness between professional looking plastic covers. The cover-bind concept has been developed with that vital, first impression in mind. Ideal for small reports and presentations, guaranteed to look good.