2 Hole Punch

  • An accurate and precise hole punch every time
  • Desktop punches that provide an accurate and precise punch every time
  • 25 Sheet capacity
  • Optimized system for aligning paper
  • Closed lever lock to maximise space when not being used

2B Yellow Bruynz Pencil


The 1605s Graphite pencils from Bruynzeel deliver exceptional quality due to the finely ground nature of the graphite used in its leads production. They feature fully lacquered bodies with dipped ends. Available in 3B and 2B.

8-Piece Essentials Maths Set

  • Contains 15cm rule, 180degree protractor, 45 & 60 degree set squares, sharpener, eraser, Metal compass and 3.5″ pencil
  • Value for money maths set
  • Reusable pouch
  • Assorted colours – Blue & Pink
  • Random Colour Selection only, colour cannot be specified or requested

Black Peps Long Life Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm & 0.7mm

  • A range of high-quality, reliable 0.5mm & 0.7mm mechanical pencils and lead cases combining design and performance.
  • Hold 50% more leads than a typical mechanical pencil.
  • Eraser diameter: 7.5mm

Black Warrior #2 Pencil


Quality wood construction for durability that won’t let you down. 100% latex-free smudge-resistant eraser keeps your surfaces clean. Pencil with bold #2 lead makes writing stand out and is perfect for standardized tests. Matte black barrel provides a sophisticated look

BlackPeps Jumbo Pencil

  • 12 x High quality pencils with strong graphite lead
  • Ergonomic triangular pencils for better grip and comfortable use
  • Large diameter pencil ideal for younger children learning to write

Boogy Sharpener

  • A stylish and functional pencil sharpener for intensive use.
  • Quality control and exclusive performance through our product test bench. —
  • Practical & Ultra compact: ideal for pencil cases.
  • Quality – Shock resistant: unbreakable materials.
  • Ingenious – Articulated opening: impossible to lose the canister.
  • A colorful sharpener with an impressive design Quality tested in our labs These are suitable for use by children, artists, teachers and others

Central #2 Pencil with Eraser


High resistance lead hexagonal HB pencil.

Central Jumbo Pencil


Hexagonal barrel. Oversized pencils for the beginner and is easy for little hands to hold. Topped with erasers

Color Peps Colored Triangular Pencil (6 pack)

  • better grip
  • easier and more comfortable to use.
  • Soft, resistant lead with wood that is easy to sharpen and does not splinter
  • Set of 6 pcs.

Color Peps Colored Triangular Pencil PK/18

  • A new range of bright coloured pencils.
  • Triangular shape for better and comfortable grip.
  • Easy to sharpen, soft and break resistant lead

Color Peps Flex Box

  • Long pencil / triangular body
  • 12 colors resistant
  • tube plastic packaging